Yu-Gi-Oh TCG Structure deck : Cyber Strike (3 тестета)

  • Производител: Konami

Всеки Structure Deck съдържа:

40 Common Cards

5 Ultra Rare Cards

3 Super Rare Cards

1 Double-sided Deluxe Game Mat/Dueling Guide


Card number Name Rarity Category
SDCS-EN001 "Attachment Cybern" Common Effect Monster
SDCS-EN002 "Cyberdark Chimera" Ultra Rare Effect Monster
SDCS-EN003 "Cyber Dragon" Common Effect Monster
SDCS-EN004 "Cyber Dragon Zwei" Common Effect Monster
SDCS-EN005 "Cyber Dragon Drei" Common Effect Monster
SDCS-EN006 "Cyber Dragon Vier" Common Effect Monster
SDCS-EN007 "Cyber Dragon Nachster" Common Effect Monster
SDCS-EN008 "Cyber Dragon Core" Common Effect Monster
SDCS-EN009 "Cyber Dragon Herz" Super Rare Effect Monster
SDCS-EN010 "Cyber Pharos" Common Effect Monster
SDCS-EN011 "Cyber Valley" Common Effect Monster
SDCS-EN012 "Cyber Phoenix" Common Effect Monster
SDCS-EN013 "Cyberdark Horn" Common Effect Monster
SDCS-EN014 "Cyberdark Edge" Common Effect Monster
SDCS-EN015 "Cyberdark Keel" Common Effect Monster
SDCS-EN016 "Cyberdark Cannon" Common Effect Monster
SDCS-EN017 "Cyberdark Claw" Common Effect Monster
SDCS-EN018 "Leng Ling" Common Union monster
SDCS-EN019 "Jizukiru, the Star Destroying Kaiju" Common Effect Monster
SDCS-EN020 "Gizmek Orochi, the Serpentron Sky Slasher" Common Effect Monster
SDCS-EN021 "Gale Dogra" Common Effect Monster
SDCS-EN022 "Cyber Eternal" Common Quick-Play Spell Card
SDCS-EN023 "Cyberdark Realm" Ultra Rare Continuous Spell Card
SDCS-EN024 "Cyber Repair Plant" Common Normal Spell Card
SDCS-EN025 "Cyber Emergency" Common Normal Spell Card
SDCS-EN026 "Cyberload Fusion" Common Quick-Play Spell Card
SDCS-EN027 "Cyberdark Impact!" Common Normal Spell Card
SDCS-EN028 "Cyberdark Inferno" Common Field Spell Card
SDCS-EN029 "Future Fusion" Common Continuous Spell Card
SDCS-EN030 "Fusion Deployment" Super Rare Normal Spell Card
SDCS-EN031 "Fusion Tag" Common Normal Spell Card
SDCS-EN032 "Machine Duplication" Common Normal Spell Card
SDCS-EN033 "Limiter Removal" Common Quick-Play Spell Card
SDCS-EN034 "Cyberdark Invasion" Common Continuous Trap Card
SDCS-EN035 "Cybernetic Revolution" Common Normal Trap Card
SDCS-EN036 "Infinite Impermanence" Super Rare Normal Trap Card
SDCS-EN037 "Power Wall" Common Normal Trap Card
SDCS-EN038 "Call of the Haunted" Common Continuous Trap Card
SDCS-EN039 "Paleozoic Canadia" Common Normal Trap Card
SDCS-EN040 "Cybernetic Overflow" Common Normal Trap Card
SDCS-EN041 "Cyber End Dragon" Ultra Rare Effect Fusion Monster
SDCS-EN042 "Chimeratech Overdragon" Common Effect Fusion Monster
SDCS-EN043 "Cyberdarkness Dragon" Common Effect Fusion Monster
SDCS-EN044 "Cyberdark End Dragon" Ultra Rare Effect Fusion Monster
SDCS-EN045 "Cyberdark Dragon" Common Effect Fusion Monster
SDCS-EN046 "Cybernetic Horizon" Ultra Rare Normal Spell Card
SDCS-EN047 "Power Bond" Common Normal Spell Card
SDCS-EN048 "Overload Fusion" Common Normal Spell Card

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