Yu-Gi-Oh TCG Structure Deck: Albaz Strike тесте за игра

  • Производител: Konami
  • Кат. номер:SG288

Structure Deck: Albaz Strike съдържа :

  • 5 Ultra Rares
  • 3 Super Rares
  • 38 Commons
  • 5 special Token Cards
  • 1 Double-sided Deluxe Game Mat/Dueling Guide


Card number Name Rarity Category 
SDAZ-EN001 Tri-Brigade Mercourier Ultra Rare Effect Monster
SDAZ-EN002 Springans Kitt Ultra Rare Effect Monster
SDAZ-EN003 The Golden Swordsoul Ultra Rare Effect Tuner Monster
SDAZ-EN004 Fallen of Albaz Common Effect Monster
SDAZ-EN005 Albion the Shrouded Dragon Common Effect Monster
SDAZ-EN006 Dogmatika Fleurdelis, the Knighted Common Effect Monster
SDAZ-EN007 Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon Common Effect Monster
SDAZ-EN008 Thunder King, the Lightningstrike Dragon Common Effect Monster
SDAZ-EN009 Chaos Dragon Levianeer Common Effect Monster
SDAZ-EN010 Radian, the Multidimensional Kaiju Common Effect Monster
SDAZ-EN011 Artifact Scythe Common Effect Monster
SDAZ-EN012 White Dragon Wyverburster Common Effect Monster
SDAZ-EN013 Black Dragon Collapserpent Common Effect Monster
SDAZ-EN014 Starliege Seyfert Common Effect Monster
SDAZ-EN015 Keeper of Dragon Magic Common Effect Monster
SDAZ-EN016 Summoner Monk Common Effect Monster
SDAZ-EN017 Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit Common Effect Tuner Monster
SDAZ-EN018 Effect Veiler Common Effect Tuner Monster
SDAZ-EN019 Omni-Dragon Brotaur Common Effect Monster
SDAZ-EN020 Branded Lost Common Continuous Spell Card
SDAZ-EN021 Branded Fusion Super Rare Normal Spell Card
SDAZ-EN022 Branded in White Common Normal Spell Card
SDAZ-EN023 Branded Bond Common Normal Spell Card
SDAZ-EN024 Fusion Gate Common Field Spell Card
SDAZ-EN025 Fusion Recycling Plant Common Field Spell Card
SDAZ-EN026 Fusion Substitute Common Normal Spell Card
SDAZ-EN027 Gold Sarcophagus Common Normal Spell Card
SDAZ-EN028 Pot of Extravagance Common Normal Spell Card
SDAZ-EN029 Called by the Grave Common Quick-Play Spell Card
SDAZ-EN030 Dark Ruler No More Common Normal Spell Card
SDAZ-EN031 Branded Sword Super Rare Normal Trap Card
SDAZ-EN032 Branded Retribution Super Rare Counter Trap Card
SDAZ-EN033 Screams of the Branded Common Normal Trap Card
SDAZ-EN034 Judgment of the Branded Common Normal Trap Card
SDAZ-EN035 Necro Fusion Common Normal Trap Card
SDAZ-EN036 Back to the Front Common Normal Trap Card
SDAZ-EN037 Warning Point Common Normal Trap Card
SDAZ-EN038 There Can Be Only One Common Continuous Trap Card
SDAZ-EN039 Dimensional Barrier Common Normal Trap Card
SDAZ-EN040 Waking the Dragon Common Normal Trap Card
SDAZ-EN041 Mirrorjade the Iceblade Dragon Ultra Rare Effect Fusion Monster
SDAZ-EN042 Lubellion the Searing Dragon Ultra Rare Effect Fusion Monster
SDAZ-EN043 Titaniklad the Ash Dragon Common Effect Fusion Monster
SDAZ-EN044 Brigand the Glory Dragon Common Effect Fusion Monster
SDAZ-EN045 Sprind the Irondash Dragon Common Effect Fusion Monster
SDAZ-EN046 Albion the Branded Dragon Common Effect Fusion Monster
SDAZ-EN047 Albaz the Shrouded Common Token
SDAZ-EN048 Ecclesia the Exile Common Token
SDAZ-EN049 Tri-Brigade Common Token
SDAZ-EN050 The Virtuous Vestals Common Token
SDAZ-EN051 Aluber the Dogmatic Common Token